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Croatian American Interests Since 1991

  1. The CAA is a domestic American citizens organization, supported each year by the contributions of its individual members; it receives no funds from the Croatian government and is non-partisan.  

  2. WHAT THE CAA DOES  The CAA works daily with Congress and the Administration to enhance the understanding of the United States government in matters relating to Croatians. The CAA is also an information resource for virtually all those involved in policymaking. CAA provides vital, timely information that results in positive, meaningful action.

  3. WHAT THE CAA DOES OUTSIDE WASHINGTON, DC The CAA's grassroots organization is a critical element in its effectiveness. The regional chapters are extremely important in complementing the CAA's activities in Washington. Key contacts are an essential part of the CAA's political network. These men and women, in all 50 states and most of the 435 congressional districts are people with strong personal relationships with their senators or congressmen. They can gain quick access and have the opportunity to provide rapid input from the grassroots to reinforce the work of CAA's Washington staff.


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